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    International Mindedness is a thought-provoking examination of contemporary global education, with top professionals and academics providing unique insights into the future of international schooling in a globalized world.

    Urbane Publications Ltd

    International Mindedness – Global Perspectives for Learners and Educators – 978-1909273303

    £19.99, pbk, 240pp

    The world is constantly evolving, continuing globalisation creating a globally mobile workforce and9781909273030 their families who are international both in outlook and in their educational needs. Schools are growing exponentially and parents are seeking the best international learning opportunities for their children. Many schools are similarly recognising that old practices are not sufficient to create the twenty first century learners, or learning, that the world seeks. But how do you make international mindedness a central purpose of your teaching and philosophy? Brought together for the first time by leading educationalist Lesley P. Stagg, the international contributors to this book offer a multitude of new and original thoughts on International Mindedness, thoughts embracing practical ideas ready to adapt to different situations, as well as the theoretical philosophies which underpin key practice. These leading practitioners inspire the reader with their real-life experiences and their reflective thinking, each contributor providing connections between key concepts, and provide a wealth of knowledge and advice from global view to local classroom. International Mindedness offers readers a unique and comprehensive exploration of global education for the current and future generations.

    There is also a supporting website at http://internationalmindedness.co.uk which provides a range of information and further resources for readers, lecturers and teachers.

    Dr Lesley P.Stagg has been an international school head in Portugal, the USA, Colombia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates following her first headship in the UK. She is passionate about quality education as a right for every child. Currently she is a Regional Accreditation Officer with the Council of International Schools where she has responsibility for around sixty-five schools in Europe and the Middle East.

    Contributors: profiles attached

    “The book as a whole works well in offering perspectives on this topic suited to different types of reader. For me, some chapters stand out in crystallizing the topic in practical terms. As a business manager operating in an overseas arena, I would have found the book useful during my time as a Parent Governor of an International school. It is a very useful reference book for all who teach children from pre-school right through to higher education. It certainly makes a strong case that the concepts raised need to be adopted as appropriate for current generations – and naturally adapted in the future – as globalisation necessarily evolves.”

    “I think this is a useful resource for all educators not just those involved in international schools. It moved me on from thinking about multiculturalism to a more international minded way of thinking. The backgrounds of the contributors cover a range of experiences which made it more relevant for me.”

    For more information about INTERNATIONAL MINDEDNESS please visit http://urbanepublications.com You can also contact [email protected] 07578890446


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