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    Good afternoon one and all. We hope you’re having a great day!  We recently met up with Lizzie Jones in sunny Manchester for a Chai Latte and a chat.  Lizzie (along with illustrator Nikki) has just released ‘The 52 List’ via Stellar Books.

    The 52 List can help you make the most of the little things in life. Why? Because in years to come you’ll look back and realise that what you thought was so small were actually the things that made life happier, better and far more fun.

    Here’s what we asked her!

    Tell us a bit about ‘The 52 List’… where did the idea come from?

    I first came up with the idea after my son was born. I was doing everything I had to do, but not making Screenshot 2014-09-26 15.40.27any time to do the things I wanted to do. My time was taken up with looking after others and not myself. It’s easy to lose your identity when you become a mum; it’s not so easy to remember that you’re important to and should devote some time to making yourself happy. This could be simple stuff like baking a cake or having coffee with friends, but it all helps to break up the routine and give you things to look forward to.

    Who do you think will enjoy reading the book?

    Anyone who leads a full, probably far too hectic life, where all the hours seem to be devoted to work and making sure all the practicalities ( shopping, cooking, childcare, etc) are taken care of. This doesn’t seem to leave much time for enjoyment, but it’s important to recognise we all need down time and doing things we really enjoy is a great way of relaxing.

    It’s also great for anyone who doesn’t feel there’s enough going on in their life. Sometimes, the less we do, the less we feel inclined to do and apathy can set in. Starting a 52 List is a great way to start broadening your horizons again.

    If you’re both on your own and feeling lonely, The 52 List can help you start to make or re-establish connections with friends or colleagues and can be very good for helping you to get out there and meet new people.

    How do you hope the book will inspire people in their lives?

    I’m hoping it will make people realise that we don’t need “big” stuff in our lives, that we’re surrounded by simple things that really can make our lives better, happier and more fulfilled. Unlike most lists of this type – i.e. Bucket lists or Things to Do Before you Die, etc – take time and money to complete. The 52 list takes neither of these. All you need is a bit of imagination and, at the most, one day a week to make a difference, not just to your life, but to the lives of those around you.

    Because of its simplicity, there’s no real excuse not to give it a go and I’m hoping it will inspire people to make more of their time, to build more friendships, to reconnect with people they may have lost touch with and to try brand new experiences.

    I’m also hoping that people suffering with mental health issues can use it as part of a wider coping strategy and help them get more out of life every day.

    Is it part of a series? Are you planning any more?

    Writing The 52 List has taken just over 2 years to complete and, as a whole project, it’s only just starting – we have big plans to set up 52 List communities around the world. So, at this point, I’m definitely not thinking of another book. Well, who knows, I might be persuaded! Never say never, and all that!

    When is your book available to purchase and from where?

    The book is available both in paperback and eBook on both Amazon UK and Amazon US. It can be purchased through the website at www.the52list.com and direct from the publisher www.stellarbooks.co.uk.

    It is also available via Waterstones and WH Smith in the UK


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