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    Mystery, Deceit & Murder Collide, as Rip-Roaring New Novel Thrusts Readers into Portugal’s Carnation Revolution & the Angolan Civil War.

    Forty years ago, a military coup in Lisbon turned Portugal on its head in the Carnation Revolution.

    While he is now a renowned international business leader, Chris Lowery was one of the thousands forced to flee the nation with this family as armed forces changed the way of life in Portugal, and it’s Angolan colony, forever.9781909273153frontcover

    Forty years after these momentous events Lowery is releasing a spellbinding novel about a group of refugees whose post-revolution lives were not quite as fruitful.

    It all plays out in ‘The Angolan Clan’, which whisks readers across four decades and three continents as murder and deceit become all too commonplace for comfort.

    Early reviews have been extremely positive. Tessa Massoud says Great book. Couldn’t stop reading. A fascinating tale of Love, Money and Greed based on events in Africa and Portugal during the revolution of the carnation”

    Barry Nay adds, “I have to admit a bias for this type of facumentary, a book that mixes a good story, in this case a thriller, with factual information. I put this book in the same class as Barbara Kingsolver’s ” La Laguna ” and ” The Poisonwood Bible ” and Richard North Patterson’s ” Exile “.”

    ‘The Angolan Clan’, published by Urbane, is available to purchase now.

    Amazon: http://amzn.to/1peblMn

    Publisher’s official website: http://urbanepublications.com/shop

    CHRISTOPHER LOWERY is a ‘Geordie’, born in the northeast of England, who graduated in finance 1and economics after reluctantly giving up career choices in professional golf and rock & roll. He is a real estate and telecoms entrepreneur and has created several successful companies around the world. Chris wrote the Angolan Clan after the Revolution of the Carnations forced him to flee Portugal in 1975. He also writes patents and children’s books and composes music. He and his wife Marjorie live between Geneva and Marbella. They have one daughter, a writer/photographer who is resident in Geneva. Visit www.unclechrisproductions.com for news, humour and stories.

    If you would like a copy of ‘The Angolan Clan’ to read, review or feature, please contact Kris Barnes of Authoramp. Kevin is also available for interview via Kris Barnes.

    The Angolan Clan – Press Release


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