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    This is a guest blog from Matthew Smith, owner and Director of Urbane Publications.

    When setting up Urbane Publications the goal was always to drive, and be driven by, collaboration. Collaboration with authors to produce books and content worthy of their vision and blood, sweat and tears; and collaborating with readers to build an ever-growing community of word lovers who engage with books, authors and each other. So far so good – six months in and the publishing programme is building quickly, and the feedback from readers on published titles has been reassuringly positive (and in some cases wonderfully flattering).

    But now we want to expand that collaboration to bring Urbane to more authors, more readers, and continue to build innovative, thrilling, groundbreaking and compelling books for all. This requires discoverability, profile and putting a big shout-out to the world saying ‘here we are!’

    And that’s where Authoramp come in. It’s key to partner with those with shared goals, an understanding of what can be achieved, and the potential to achieve it. Authoramp have that in spades. This is an opportunity to not simply help authors publish their great books, and promote them too – it is a chance to provide a holistic publishing solution that gives authors care, content and collaboration and provides every book a genuine opportunity to be discovered.

    So all you budding authors out there, we want you to publish with us, collaborate, partner with us for an enriching publishing experience. When it comes to a great book and a valuable piece of content your words will always be the vital ingredient – let Urbane and Authoramp help you take those words in the most effective forms possible to the right audience, with YOU as the key driver in the process.

    And readers we haven’t forgotten you. You are the most important part of this collaboration – we wouldn’t exist without you. So engage with us, spread the word, let your fellow readers know about our books and our plans, and become part of an exciting community of book lovers that never see the last word as the end, but only the start of a new story. Together, Urbane and Authoramp aim to bring you a new concept in publishing… one where everyone benefits.

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