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    This is a true story about a boy who loses the use of both legs.

    An adventurer who conquered speed.

    His name is Dick Mawson.

    A Chronology of Dick’s early life…

    • A plane crash, lost in the African jungle, aged four and to the natives who found us we were “Gods who had fallen from the sky”
    • The loss of his right leg in a farm accident aged eleven.
    • A powerboat champion aged twelve.
    • An international champion representing his country aged thirteen.
    • A hundred mile per hour accident in a F1 hydroplane resulting in damage to his left leg and face, after winning the international gold cup regatta for his country at Victoria Falls, aged sixteen.
    • His mother and doctor convince him to change his chosen sport as any further damage to either leg could result in him being wheelchair bound for life…”Tiddlywinks” being the suggestion from his mother.
    • Undeterred this tenacious young sixteen-year-old takes up motor racing.

    …and that’s just the start of his astounding life.

    “The path I have followed down life’s road has always been mine, and mine alone to walk, others have walked with me, but no one has walked it for me.”

    “This story celebrates the mountains I’ve conquered and acceptance of the painful valleys I have crawled my way out of.” D. Mawson

    “Here is a man, who against many odds, made a success of himself and of his life.” Amazon Reviewer.

    Dick Mawson was born on 18 February 1942 in Maghull, England, a stone’s throw from Aintree, home of the Grand National as well as the British Grand Prix in the 1950s.

    P1000284Being born so close to a famous Grand Prix circuit and coming into the world during the darkest days of a World War – prefigured the risks and adventures that have characterised his life.

    Mawson has been involved in racing on land and water. He lost a limb, sustained multiple injuries along the way, looked death in the face and against all odds has survived. He continues to build and drive race cars whilst enjoying the company of his four young granddaughters. Mawson has thoroughly enjoyed his life so far and that is why he decided to share it with others in this book ‘The Gods Who Fell From The Sky’.

    Dick Mawson has broken through the boundaries of the norm and has lived life his way, and on his terms.

    If you would like a copy of ‘The Gods Who Fell From The Sky’ please contact Kris Barnes of Authoramp. Dick is also available for interview via Kris Barnes

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