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    The following is a guest blog post by Andy Coffey, author of the Sacred Wind trilogy. This post was written for Chapter Break and you can view the original post here.

    My top five favourite things about writing Fantasy – Andy Coffey

    1. Freedom – I’m free! I’m free! My imagination has been caged, deprived of ale or curry for far too long… but now it’s been unleashed and wants a real good nosh-up. And that’s the wonderful thing about writing fantasy; the freedom to create your own world, populate it with whomever and whatever you like and watch it grow. The only limits are your imagination. You want conscious curries? Fine. Sheep that run pubs? Fine. Magic cheese that comes from mines? Fine. Philosophical blue ants that continually recite Plato while playing golf? Nah, that’s a bit too far-fetched.
    1. Challenging – But, hang on a second, how has it come to pass that sheep are running pubs? Ah, they were given their freedom with the ratification of the ‘Ovine Equality Act of 1962’. So that entitled them to become pub landlords straight away? Ah, no, they had to begin as glass collectors and work their way up. And how come Wrexham is a ‘Currydom’, ruled by King Beef Vindaloo-Boiled Rice III and his wife, Queen Chicken Tikka Masala-Coconut Rice? Ah, because, they won the ‘Risotto Wars’ and were considered better governors than the local council. And what is the Porcine Order for Recognition and Kinship (P.O.R.K for short) all about? Ah, they’re protesting so that pigs are given the same freedoms as sheep. Yes, it all makes sense. Thinking of random funny stuff is fine, but then you’ve got to work it so it works, if you get my drift.
    1. Fun – If you can’t have a ball creating different types of magic cheese, such as Red Cheekfizzler, Blue Bottomgrabber and Green Kneetrembler then, quite frankly, you need to eat some yourself. There’s nothing wrong with laughing at your own jokes about a Welsh Viking Flatulence Rock band. Seriously. Fun and creativity are well-matched bedfellows and benefit from an extremely bouncy mattress.
    1. Unique – There’s a very strong chance that what you are creating is unique. Sure, you may have had influences, but if you say ‘no thanks’ to a ride on the plagiarism pony and let your own imagination run the race itself, you’ll most likely finish in first place and win a big silver cup and a nice bottle of champagne. You’ll also get a great feeling of satisfaction… which leads nicely into…
    1. Rewarding – And so, when you eventually finish creating your world (and have undertaken innumerable edits…), there’s a tremendous sense of fulfilment and a big warm glow you’d normally only get if you’d eaten a piece of Orange Tummywarmer cheese. People visit your world and like it! Hurrah! You have an odd feeling inside that makes you think that you are about to explode with enlightenment… or is it just a touch of wind? So, you grab your coat, walk up the road with a spring in your step and go and find a good curry to eat… only with their permission, of course!

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  • Janelle wrote on September 8, 2014 at 5:04 // Reply

    I agree that writing is freeing and fun and rewarding. Doing what you love should be all of those things! Thanks for the great post!


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