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    “It isn’t a job, it is a life” – Diego Masciaga

    Diego Masciaga has worked for over twenty five years as the Director and Restaurant Manager of The Waterside Inn, one of the most well-known and influential restaurants in the world, serving global leaders, royalty and film stars. He is a legendary figure, awarded the Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana (the equivalent of the knighthood) for his services to the hospitality and catering industry. He is also only the third ever recipient of the Grand Prix de L’Art de la Salle.

    Diego’s customer service knowledge and advice has proved inspirational for thousands in the hospitality and catering industry. Written by Chris Parker, an expert in communications and influence, The Diego Masciaga Way explains Diego’s philosophy and his very practical approach to understanding, creating and, more importantly, maintaining exceptional customer service. The book also provides a thorough and practical explanation of the nature and value of service, delivering a unique range of real-world examples and training exercises for the development of the essential personal and team skills and processes necessary to provide exceptional customer service.

    Presented in an easy-reading and engaging style, the book encourages the reader to not only learn from the master, but apply that learning successfully to create customer service that both rewards and excels.

    The Diego Masciaga Way – Lessons from the Master of Customer Service is priced at £12.99 in hardback and publishes on November 1st 2014. You can pre-order your copy on AMAZON


    “Why do I love Diego Masciaga? I believe in Italian hospitality…Under the teaching received from Albano Mainardi (leader of the Italian art of hospitality and founder of the great Scuola Professionale Alberghiera E. Maggia di Stresa), students have learnt to respect its “rules” and precision, and bring the real Italian hospitality into the world…Diego Masciaga is the “Master” of this. I still remember the smiling expression of a young joyful student ready to learn a difficult and hard profession. Diego was only 15 years old. It was 1978, and he was starting his splendid career at the E.Maggia school. For me, he is the perfect example of a young professional positively pursuing his own journey toward an ultimate goal, constantly learning in prestigious environments with inspirational teachers, from the Hotel Royal of La Baule (chêne Lucien Barrière) to The Waterside Inn. Diego Masciaga has been able to interpret real customer service. He can communicate feelings, evoke memories, surprise the guest; and prepare his staff to be the best, teaching the vital importance of a smile, style and elegance. The skill of Diego Masciaga is a demonstration of the pinnacle of the profession – a capacity to express, with a very personal and unique touch, the poetry of Service. That’s why I love Diego Masciaga.” – Alberto Gozzi, Presidente HOSPES “La Scuola di Stresa”

    “My family and I have been visiting the Waterside for over 20 years. We celebrated winning the Rugby World Cup with friends at the Waterside in 2003. It never ceases to amaze me and at the centre of all is Diego. As well as enjoying the most wonderful meal and experience, I love to watch Diego’s team at work; it is a perfect example of a high performing team. The way in which the team coordinate their roles throughout the course of a lunch or dinner is like watching a choreographed dance. It’s often struck me how a team in a kitchen and front of house such as the Waterside is no different to an elite sports team. It is their ability to operate at a high level when under pressure that the Waterside does so well which is the key characteristic of any high performing team. This level of attainment starts at the top and is due to the standards and culture set by those in Leadership positions. Diego understands and epitomises this better than anybody else with his uncompromising approach and legendary attention to detail. This book is a must read for anybody who is interested in delivering exceptional performance.” – Sir Clive Woodward, Founder & Chairman of Captured
    “Diego Masciaga, a Master in his field! For me, Diego epitomises the essence of fine service. It is not just his great charm and presence, nor his ability to lead, train and inspire those that work with him, but at the heart of it all, it is Diego’s deep sense of caring and belief in the will to please and the achievement of nothing less than perfection, consistently all day, every day!” – Edward Griffiths CVO, Deputy Master of the Royal Household

    “The thing about Diego is that he perfectly represents one of the main reasons why The Waterside has consistently been rated as one of the world’s best restaurants. You can’t separate Diego from the food in that they both represent the perfect dining experience. I have known him for as long as he has worked at The Waterside and sometimes take great delight in watching him work the room, forever charming without being ingratiating, attentive without ever becoming obsequious. It’s like watching a great actor at work except you sense Diego is not working to a script but relying instead on an intuitive definition of what service should be. A remarkable man and a remarkable story to tell.” – Sir Michael Parkinson, broadcaster, author and journalist

    “Lasting memories are created from those first impressions and I have always been taken by the welcome and greeting every customer receives from Diego Masciaga when dining at The Waterside Inn, Bray. Diego is the Master at making sure every customer feels like they are the most important guest of the night. He serves his customers in a way that lets them know from the outset that they are the most important people in his world. Add to this a truly “genuine” tone to his attention and you have what can only be described as having come into contact with “THE GENERAL” when it comes to Customer Service. No one, anywhere does it better than Diego.” – Peter Jones CBE, entrepreneur, business leader and presenter

    “When we visit a great restaurant we understand that it will have a superb kitchen and highly talented and ambitious chefs. When we arrive, the way we are welcomed, the atmosphere, the surroundings, the theatre, the smooth effortlessness of the service – are all created and conducted by the maître d’hôtel. These combined with fabulous food create a beautiful memory. When I think of the warmest welcome, the best service, the pinnacle of hospitality, I think of Diego Masciaga. He is the greatest maître d’hôtel I know. He is an inspiration to all of us in the hospitality world and he is a wonderful man. I thoroughly recommend his book to all students of hospitality and indeed anyone involved in service.” – Alastair Storey, Chairman of hospitality business WSH

    ‘Diego is the Master of Service! If you want to know what Service is all about read this book!’ – Silvano Giraldin, Director, Le Gavroche

    “They don’t award Michelin stars for service, nor for maître d’s, but they should. For it’s not only the food, nor the cooking, that makes a great restaurant. Ambience, décor, location all play their part in the making of a restaurant, but the most important ingredient is not the brilliance of the cuisine nor the wine list. It’s the service that really makes the difference between enjoyment, and somewhere that brings you back to the table, again and again. The popularity of The Waterside is a testament to that quality of service, epitomized by its maître d’, Diego Masciaga. A master of his craft, in every sense, as a teacher, a leader, an inspiration to his staff, and most importantly, a gracious, welcoming and ever-smiling host to his customers. Diego stands alone, worthy of not a mere three stars, but a constellation…” – Sir Terry Wogan, broadcaster and presenter

    “Diego is the consummate restaurateur and one of the most respected in the UK. He was trained by one of the best, Mr Silvano Giraldin of Le Gavroche, to become one of the best. The Waterside Inn has been a favourite of my wife Eileen and I, and we have celebrated many birthdays, anniversaries and just great times in this idyllic location with their wonderful food. But what keeps us coming back is Diego’s smiling face, charm and expertise in the art of service, which is the real reason we love it so much. It has always been my opinion that the manager sets the style, ambience and service levels of a restaurant and The Waterside Inn has all of these in abundance.” – Geoffrey A.Gelardi, Managing Director, The Lanesbrough


    Author: CHRIS PARKER

    Publisher: Urbane Publications

    ISBN 10: 1909273481
    ISBN 13: 9781909273481
    Publish Status: Coming Soon
    Release Date: November 1st


    • Paperback: 192 pages
    • ePub
    • Mobi

    For Fans Of: Michelin Restaurants & TV Chefs.

    Chris Parker is a specialist in Communication and Influence. His fascination with the power ofchris-parker-author-photo-300x200 words and how they can be used to create intrapersonal and interpersonal change began in 1976. It became a lifelong study that has underpinned almost four decades of work in a variety of professional roles and contexts. A Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Chris is a highly experienced management trainer, business consultant, lecturer and writer. He has more lines on his face than most and is afraid to read them.

    “I was reading Chris Parker 20 years ago. He was amazing then and he is amazing now.” – Geoff Thompson, BAFTA winning screenwriter


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