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    This is a guest blog by ‘Spirit Writer’ Morwenna Holman…
    My communication with Emily Bronte first began when I visited the parsonage museum when I was about ten. Before then I had been seeing a young girl in period dress in my bedroom, often sitting at the bottom of my bed, but she never said a word to me. She did not frighten me at all as I had been seeing Spirits since the age of about eight and understood that somehow I had been born with the ability to retune my mind to both see and hear Spirits.

    When I viewed the picture of Emily Bronte in the museum I told my father that that was the girl I had seen. Almost immediately I heard a voice telling me that I had to write a very special novel when I was older. My father was psychic too so he did not make fun of my story.
    Returning home I continued to see the girl and many times she told me that we had an affinity and I had been chosen to perform the special task of Spirit Writing when I was older.
    At the age of eighteen my psychic powers reached their full strength and this girl, who identified herself as Emily Bronte, told me I had to write her second novel which was destroyed by Charlotte, her sister, when Emily lay dying.
    “For it was seemly to do so,” she told me, “as the world was not ready to receive it then but now it must come again through you and be delivered for men to make of it what they will.”
    She began communicating through my third eye and by then I had learnt to take my consciousness up into that psychic place so Spirit could speak to me. She gave me a name, “Westerdale” and told me it was the name of a place she had seen in her youth and that the book was about a man she knew of in Haworth when she lived there.
    “And through you he shall live again and my novel will be sent out to the world to deride, dismiss or enjoy, as is the will of the readers,” she told me.
     “Charlotte said an interpreter should always have stood between me and the world and you are that interpreter. Your soul is made of the same stuff as mine so therefore we are kin and you will understand all I say to you. When we work on this book our minds will become one.”
    Together we began to work on the novel “Westerdale” which took almost a year to complete. Emily was a real perfectionist and hard to work with but she brought such an essence of love that it made it enjoyable.
    I was, at the time, living in a very old cottage and it seemed to fit the air of the book we were pulling together.
    Sadly despite all efforts the book never received publication and although I saw Emily from time to time she still exhorted that its time would come.
    Over the years I treasured the written copy and would often read from it but my longterm illness meant that little was done.
    Then when I had the chance to move to Yorkshire I jumped at it and Emily told me that this was the time for her second book to be aired. The first publisher I sent it to accepted it much to my surprise and eventually last year Westerdale was published.
    As Emily said,”What the world will make of it I sometimes shudder to think but it is out there and fate has decreed that.”
    I carried on working with many other spirits and have to date written another ten of their life stories. But Emily had not finished with me yet. When we were writing Westerdale I kept commenting that nothing was revealed of Heaton’s past but she told me.”Peace, for that part of the story will follow later.”
    Thus it was when Westerdale was first published she told me we had to write one more book which had been in her head at the time she wrote the first few chapters of her second novel on the earth plane.
    So together we penned Heaton and now that too has seen the light of day. Is Emily pleased? For the first time I saw her smile as I unpacked the first precious editions of Heaton and in that smile was the warmth of the most wonderful spirit I have ever encountered. She was, and to me, is, a rare personality with the most immense talent and a true mystic. Emily I hope and pray I have done you justice with the two books!”
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