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    It’s that time of the year when lots of books are going to be released, Autumn/Fall, the run up to Christmas…

    We’ve been speaking to lots and lots of authors lately – gauging what the issues, problems and obstacles they are facing at the moment.

    Here are our Top 5…

    1. Time

    Finding the time to market oneself. Most authors, especially self-published authors, have full-time or part-time jobs on top of their writing. This, on top of family commitments, social commitments and other lifestyle choices means that their time is limited.

    Writing is time consuming. Marketing it – probably even more so.

    “So how does an author find the time?” is a question we get asked regularly.

    One option is trying to split your time between writing and marketing. The marketing needs to be thought about before you’ve even finished the book. Most authors come to us a few months after they’ve released a book, which is sometimes a bit late.

    We can give you a free marketing consultation. Contact us.

    2. Competition

    More and more people are releasing books, which is great! Although it means there is more competition for readers attention. There is a lot of noise to compete with.

    “How does an author rise above the competition?”

    Quality – make sure you have a quality book, well written, proofread and edited.

    Marketing – Devise an effective marketing plan. We can help with this.

    3. Costs

    A lot of authors find that the costs of self-publishing hinders their progress. Getting their work proofread, professionally edited, formatted, uploaded and then marketed can be a costly business.

    We offer cost-effective solutions for most budgets. Get in touch today!

    4. Reviews

    We all know that reviews are paramount to the success of a book. Yet it’s surprising to see how many books on Amazon have ZERO reviews, even months after release.

    “How can I get more reviews for my book?”

    Ask fellow readers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Join groups on the various social media platforms and ask people if they’d kindly read your book and give it an honest review.

    We have a large database of bloggers and reviewers. If you want to quickly validate your book, contact us today for a chat.

    5. Exposure

    Reviews obviously help with exposure, but that’s just one aspect of exposure. Features on blogs and websites, interviews, guest blogging opportunities… these all help by spreading the word about you and your book.

    We have a large database of bloggers and reviewers. If you want to get more features, interviews and do some guest blogging, contact us today for a chat.

    We hope this helps. Don’t get too disheartened if your book isn’t selling. It may just take a few more reviews from the right people, some features in the right place, an interview here or there, and the ball may start rolling…

    If you are an author and you are facing any other issues at the moment, leave them in the comments.


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