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    From debut author Hayden Bradford comes a rip-roaring, satirical yarn.

    Travesty is an unashamedly hilarious tale of a bloke so hard done by in his life he could only have been born from the imagination of another bloke.

    His mother named him Travesty, as she believed his birth signalled the beginning TravestyCoverof one long, drawn-out disaster for her.

    But without warning, Travesty’s life comes to an abrupt and ridiculously funny end.

    He is then delivered to Heaven. How does that happen to an atheist?

    Hitch yourself a ride on Travesty’s crazy journey on Earth and in Heaven!

    “You know when you are sitting alone laughing out loud you have a classic. Great laugh.”

    “This book is hilarious, quirky and completely out of left field.”

    About me, Hayden Bradford…

    I was born in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. Due myimage009 father’s employment, I spent most of my childhood as a Post Office nomad, and therefore I grew up in different places within Australia. We also lived in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for a few years. I will be forever grateful for those experiences. Today, I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife and our two children.

    If I had a resume, it would read that I’m an ex-stockman, ex-military man, and ex-corporate man. Too, I’m grateful for those experiences. I have a Bachelor’s Degree, a couple of Graduate Diplomas, and a Master’s Degree. I’m not sure why, as what I learned in academia land has been of little use to me. My real lessons have been learned outside of educational institutions. These lessons have come from life herself. In the main, I’ve found her to be unforgiving, intolerant, unrelenting, uncompromising, and mostly never fair. I’ve had no better teacher.

    I’ve learnt that my life came to me with no certainties or guarantees. I can only play the cards I’m dealt. Sometimes I play well, sometimes I play badly, and sometimes ‘shit happens’. When it does, I have to carry on. No regrets. I know of no other way to live.

    All in all, my life is good. Not as good as some, but better than others. I’m doing OK.

    I wrote ‘Travesty’ for the sheer fun of writing and the therapeutic value to be gained from messing with words, as a way of recovering from severe depression. God knows, my head needed it.

    Travesty is available to purchase from online bookstores including Amazon as a paperback and eBook

    “It’s a great read…funny, funny and funny.”


    • Paperback: 302 pages
    • Publisher: Hayden Bradford (1 July 2014)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 174298438X
    • ISBN-13: 978-1742984384
    • Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.5 x 1.8 cm

    If you would like a copy of ‘Travesty’ to review or feature please contact Kris Barnes ofAuthoramp

    Hayden Bradford is also available for interview via Kris Barnes


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