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    Morwenna Holman is a ‘spirit writer’, which means her novels are dictated to her by spirits, “communing with the departed to write stories of their lives which are lost in the mists of time.”

    Her first novel, Westerdale, was published in 2013, a story she wrote in her teens, when she said she was visited by the spirit of Emily Bronte.

    Morwenna sells her books in an effort to raise vital funds for Morley Holistic Cat Rescue. The charity desperately needs a new cattery for the many abandoned felines it deals with.

     In this prequel to the already published novel, “Westerdale” we find out how the early life of Heaton Grimshaw shapes and moulds the character of the man he later becomes.

    Born from a disastrous meeting of insanity and tyranny he struggles to make sense of the world around him, having no true knowledge of his absent parents. Tainted by streaks of cruelty and always dogged by black moods and dark depressions Heaton is hated by his peers and becomes the proverbial loner. Despite being raised as a gentleman the wild part of Heaton’s spirit dominates, ill-preparing him for the many injustices and tragedies he is forced to suffer as he struggles through life. But Heaton has one unique gift…his ability with horses and thus he uses this latent talent to carve a niche for himself when all else fails. But blood is thicker than water and as events and his siblings move against him we find him wandering beaten, penniless and homeless on the very moorland that is to lead him to Westerdale and a new chapter of his life.

    About Morwenna, by Morwenna…

    “I am a spirit writer, communing with the departed to write stories of their lives which are lost in the mists of time. I try to bring them to life again and capture the drama which existed at that point in time.

    I am a committed vegan and am dedicated to the welfare of animals, especially cats which I rescue. Hence trying to sell these novels in order to provide a cattery for the abandoned cats of Morley, West Yorkshire, where I live.  My hobbies are walking and healthy living and I try to educate people on the holistic treatment of their cats.

    Suffering from a lifelong depression and anxiety makes taking on the emotions of these departed spirits difficult and often upsetting but they always come with so much love I never feel alone.”

    Heaton is available now from Amazon and FeedARead 

    If you would like an advance copy of this book please contact Kris Barnes at Authoramp.

    To download this press release click this link: Heaton Press Release


3 Responses to Heaton by spirit writer Morwenna Holman

  • Elizabeth Hedges wrote on August 22, 2014 at 8:27 // Reply

    I love Morwenna’s books as they have that real feeling of the 19th century and are written in the language of the age. She’s a brilliant writer and I would recommend all her books.

  • Elizabeth Hedges wrote on August 24, 2014 at 7:25 // Reply

    I absolutely loved Westerdale and therefore could not wait to read Heaton. I was not disappointed. Great descriptions and dialogue. Well worth a read.

    • Kris Barnes wrote on August 25, 2014 at 9:19 // Reply

      Thanks Elizabeth, glad you enjoyed it!


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