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    We are big music fans at Authoramp, nearly as much as we love books… so we were overjoyed when we came across this article in the Guardian: ‘Jarvis Cocker’s top 10 music books‘… music AND books, result…

    To read Jarvis’ full selection carry on reading over at the Guardian

    Here are our recommendations to add to the list… let us know yours in the comments!

    ‘Dream Brother’ by David Browne

    This book covers the lives of both Tim Buckley, and his son Jeff Buckley.  Both insanely talented musicians, who barely knew each other, and who both lost their lives tragically young. I’m a big fan of both Tim and Jeff, so this book was a really enjoyable read.



    Life: Keith Richards

    It’s a big surprise he remembers any of it, but this book is full of incredible, shocking and funny stories about the life of the Rolling Stone guitarist… pure rock’n’roll…


    Bit Of A Blur by Alex James

    BIG Blur fans in the Authoramp office, big fans of Britpop in general, so Alex James’ memoirs was always going to go down well. A fun, interesting read that takes us back to our shoe-gazing 90’s days…



    How Music Works by David Byrne

    How Music Works is David Byrne’s remarkable and buoyant celebration of a subject he has spent a lifetime thinking about…


    Please comment below or tweet us @Authoramp with your suggestions for #BestMusicBook…


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