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    Debut Romance novel from Pat Benson

    They say that romance can never happen if you don’t believe that the person of your dreams exists.

    It is 2008. Ben Smith, a good-looking and earnest young man, has a well-paid job in the City and enjoys the social scene with his mates. However, the wake-up call comes shortly after his 30th birthday during a heavy drinks’ night out when Ben realises that he wants something more from life. After some speculative job applications, Ben jumps at the opportunity to go and live and work in Oxford.

    Everything is fine for him there and Ben enjoys his extra work tasks such as attending a Business Group and a local Rugby Club’s home matches. However, all of Ben’s attempts to find a girlfriend end in humiliation and he is left agonising over what might be wrong with him and what the unbridgeable differences are between life in London and in the Provinces.

    Unexpectedly, Ben then has the opportunity to meet a beautiful au pair girl from Eastern Europe. Will she be his ‘Miss Right’ and will it be true love and happiness ever after?

    Telling it from the other side. A touching account of the life of a young man and the search for the girl of his dreams…

    Pat Benson lives in Surrey, England. The Summer With Ludmila is his first novel.


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