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    Authoramp are currently working with author Jean Shorney, whose past work includes The Devil In Soho and All Of Them Vampires, among others.

    Her latest release ‘Progeny  of a Killer’ is out now in paperback and soon for Kindle… here is the press release for her latest book…

    Aidan McRaney is forced to confront a past he never knew existed

    Undercover agent and assassin, Aidan McRaney is sent to infiltrate the lair of fellow Irishman, Daniel Corrigan, by his boss, wheelchair -bound Sir George Treveleyan. Only Corrigan and Treveleyan know of McRaney’s secret past. Aidan has no idea of his mother’s affair with wanted I.R.A man, Connor McMartland, who was also Corrigan’s father. It is this which triggers a chain of unprecedented events.

    Aidan’s orders are to obtain proof that Corrigan is involved in paedophilia and white slave trafficking, before he delivers the final coup de grace. Corrigan’s elimination.

    But all things go awry when Corrigan asks Aidan to bring Treveleyan to him. His intention, to make an example for those executed in the 1916 Uprising. However much he loathes the idea, Aidan cannot possibly refuse Corrigan’s request, when Aidan’s 11 year old son is kidnapped,and held by an unscrupulous paedophile.

    About me…

    I live in Thatcham in Berkshire, and work part time in a local care home. I spend the rest of my day writing, and have published five books online. The inspiration for my novels comes largely from the movies I watch, and from writers such as Jack Higgins and Gerald Seymour. I love all things Irish. I listen to old country and Irish country music while I write. Also old Methodist hymns. The music is conducive to scene setting, in which I often lose myself.

    The novel ‘Progeny of a Killer’ was actually inspired by the movie ‘The Ressurection Man’ starring Stuart Townsend,whom I envisage would play Corrigan perfectly, with Aidan Turner as Aidan McRaney. I also love to read Elliott o’Donnell, M.R. James and H.P Lovecraft.

    I’m currently working on two other novels featuring Aidan McRaney. ‘Dangerous to Know.’
    and ‘Power to Kill.’


    Jean’s website: jmshorney.wordpress.com
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jmshorney

    Where to buy the book…

    Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Progeny-Killer-J-M-Shorney/dp/1910223050

    Jean is available for interview and guest blogging via Kris Barnes of Authoramp.

    For more information or to contact Jean please email kris AT authoramp.com


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