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    Following our previous book marketing blog post, Book Marketing: Where To Start?, we will today discuss  when to start with book marketing…

    Book marketing is a tough process and involves a lot of time, effort, strategy and patience… and of course, a book worthy enough to be read.

    The real and most essential part of your book marketing, however, is the marketing of the author itself.  Yes, you can market a book, but the book itself is the product, the author (you) is the brand.

    You need to think of yourself, the author, as a brand. Books come and go, the author is the constant.

    Personal branding is crucial in marketing yourself, and your books, and you need to strengthen your online presence in order to build your profile, reputation, trust, and community size.

    But when do you start to push yourself? Market yourself? The short answer is… NOW! You need to be building up your reputation online as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t releasing a book for 3, 6 or 12 months, you need to start marketing yourself, engaging with people via social media, enhancing your presence and increasing exposure.

    You need to find, create, build and nurture a community of potential readers, bloggers, reviewers, agents, publishers and editors.

    If you are releasing a new book, at least one month before you need to get a professional press release created and sent out to relevant reviewers and bloggers; offering exclusive previews of the book to people to get honest reviews and feedback, features, interviews and guest blog posts.

    This is the time to ramp up your book marketing, author marketing, and leverage the reputation and community you have been building.

    As I’ve said before, writing your book is just one step in the whole process. You need to promote your book and have a professional and targeted book marketing strategy devised and implemented.

    Authoramp work with authors to amplify their exposure.

    We can help you with all of the above. Get in touch!


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