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    You’ve always thought to yourself, “I’d love to write a book”…but have you considered book marketing?

    You’re friends and family encourage you…

    You finally have a great idea for a book… so you take the plunge and immerse yourself in it. You write every night without fail, planning the chapters, developing your characters, the plot, the story… tweaking, amending, cutting and chopping… and then…

    It’s finished!

    You get your friends to read it, they love it. You get it proofread and edited, great feedback…

    So you decide to self-publish. Kindle seems the obvious choice, and most widespread, so why not?

    After 6 months, a year, 18 months, it’s finally available to download!

    Now what?


    Lots of people find themselves in the above situation. It’s a great feeling writing and finishing a book, a satisfaction only writers can feel. But you want people to read the damn thing… so how can you “get it out there”?

    Marketing your book is just as important as writing it (if you want people to read it, that is. If not, then book marketing is not so important).

    Each book is different- the quality of the story, the writing, and it’s appeal. Similarly, each genre is different. Some have huge markets, some are more niche. Some have wide appeal, some don’t.

    For the new, self-published author, it’s a tough world.

    You need to forge a profile for yourself. Have a strong online presence. Build up a community of people who may be interested in reading your book. This takes time, patience, and perseverance.

    At the end of the day, your book may not have the appeal to succeed. But that is the risk you take for doing something you love.

    Writers should not be discouraged by this. Your next book might have wider appeal and sell a lot, so keep going. By building a stronger online profile and connecting with readers via PR and social media, you are building YOUR brand.

    Your next book may be better, and you already have a community of people there that may want to read it. This makes your next book marketing campaign a little easier as you’re not starting from scratch.

    If you want some help, advice, tips or assistance regarding book marketing, PR for books, promoting your e-book or anything else contact us on Twitter @Authoramp or send us an email here!



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