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    We sat down with Alex Carlisle, the debut author of romantic thriller/comedy ‘Loving Heather‘… here it is:

    Tell us a bit about your new book…. what is it about?

    The book is about loving somebody who does not love you, and yet also falling in love, there is an element of a love triangle it is also about obsession, stalking, growing up, leaving home for the first time in a setting of music and and interesting location from Miami to Paris.

    Is it part of a series? Are you planning any more?

    There will be a lot more on the way but this book is not part of a series though I never say never as I am prone to new ideas and perhaps it would be possible to write a sequel to Loving Heather but I have so many other ideas too for brand new concepts so it is unlikely.

    What inspired you to write the book?

    I write for pleasure and pleasure and enjoyment of the reader is my main aim, I am inspired by the world around me and travelling and adventure is always a great source of inspiration but there is in many writers work and I confess to some of what you write a little of your alter ego exists, there is also real life experience which can help inspire fiction and finally the magic of your imagination and the magic of writing as where and why it comes is a mystery.

    Who do you think will enjoy reading the book?

    This book can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of sixteen due to the adult themes as it is a universal story about relationships, love, leaving home, growing up, falling in love, obsession becoming a student, travelling, sex, alcohol, the dark side of human nature when love become obsession, the nature of literature itself. But if you particularly like a a suspense thriller and like to read with a sense of enjoyment and excitement then you will enjoy this book. It is not hard work, but rather a pleasure.

    When did you start writing books and why?

    I started writing stories as a teenager, then did a degree in Creative and professional writing, then I wrote for magazines, all while enjoying the adventures of life, travelling, falling in love…

     Which authors, dead or alive, inspire your writing?

    There are so many but none effect my writing style more they inspired me as people who showed me it is possible to be an artists, James Joyce for his innovation, Earnest Hemingway- for the way he lived, then there are writers like Nick Hornby – who’s style is unashamedly simple and unpretentious. Anne Franks journal to Frank McCourt, Alex Garland – Coma – just because I enjoyed their books, and like their non-fussy style, Charles Bukowski – women, for his brutal honesty. There are too many to mention…

    When is your book available to purchase and from where?

    Loving Heather is available now on Kindle or a kindle app which is free to download for iPad users.



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