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    Pat Benson is a debut romance novelist who has just released ‘The Summer With Ludmila’. You can read more information about his debut novel here. We got Pat to come down to Authoramp HQ for a cup of tea and a chat (and a few biscuits, of course). Here’s a summary of our interview with him… enjoy!

    1. Tell us a bit about your new book…. what is it about?

    It is about a young man, Ben Smith, who starts a new life away from the City living and working in Oxford. Everything is fine for him there except that he is unable to find a girlfriend. Then, totally unexpectedly, he has the opportunity to meet a beautiful au pair girl from Eastern Europe called Ludmila… So the story is essentially about the life of Ben and whether his acquaintance with Ludmila will become the romance of the century  

    2. Is it part of a series? Are you planning any more?

    I am planning a sequel.

    3. What inspired you to write the book?

    Partly real-life experiences and observations of mine and also of friends of mine. Also, I felt the need to write a romance story through the eyes of a young man to show that young men do have feelings too and that there is more to life and relationships than drunken encounters on Friday nights. The relatively new topic of personal relationships between English people and Eastern Europeans was something I wanted to explore as well.

    4. Who do you think will enjoy reading the book?

    Hopefully anyone around the world who enjoys romance stories. The topic of relationships between English people and Eastern Europeans might appeal in those particular countries as well.

    5. When did you start writing books and why?

    This is my first book which I started writing nearly three years ago. As I mentioned, the purpose of this story was to look at life and personal relationships through the eyes of a young man and also to explore the relatively new topic of personal relationships between English people and Eastern Europeans.

    6. Which authors, dead or alive, inspire your writing?

    I like Raymond Brigg’s ‘The Snowman’ due to the amazing ending. The late German writer, Heinrich Boll’s, ‘The Bread of Those Early Years’ inspired the social commentary in my book. The late French writer, Jean Giraudoux’s ‘Tiger at the Gates’ about the Trojan war inspired the ironies in my story. I also like Harold Pinter’s ‘The Caretaker’ as what isn’t said in that play can be seen as being as important as what is said in many parts. However, my story was a unique concept.

     7. When is your book available to purchase and from where?

    The book is available on Amazon and Kobo as an ebook and on Createspace as a paperback.

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