• AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Memoir, Non-Fiction

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    Bound Feet Blues is the very personal story of bestselling novelist and acclaimed performer Yang-May Ooi.

    A groundbreaking and wonderfully unconventional memoir, Bound FeetBOUND Blues is a performance in book form, interweaving personal stories, cultural reflections and a multi-faceted exploration of what it means to be a woman.

    In Chinese tradition, women with tiny bound feet were desirable as wives and lovers, their delicate feet seen as objects of both status and sexual fetish. What can the ancient tradition of footbinding tell us about the role of women beneath the gaze of men and the relationship between mothers & daughters?

    Drawing on her own history Yang-May creates a layered tapestry of meaning and exploration, deftly exploring themes of female desirability, identity and empowerment while giving the reader a compelling insight into her own incredible story.

    • Full PR campaign, with launch event at the first theatre performance of Bound Feet Blues this November
    • Supported and promoted by the Arts Council
    • Author is incredibly well known and media friendly, particularly as the bestselling author of The Flame Tree (Hodder)

    Yang-May Ooi is a creative artist, award winning TEDx speaker, performer, and the bestselling author of The Flame Tree and Mindgame.

    PUB DATE: 1st November 2015

    PUBLISHER: Urbane Publications

    ISBN: 978-1-910692-30-1

    PRICE: £14.99

    EXTENT: 288 Pages

    CATEGORY: Autobiography, Gender, Fashion, Culture studies



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