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    The Guardian published this article today ‘I read books. Does that make me a nerd?‘ by teenager Orli Vogt-Vincent. It highlights the stereotypes surrounding teenagers, and people in general, who read books as being ‘geeks’, ‘nerds’ and such labels.

    We live in a society where, for some reason, teenagers and kids who read are seen by their contemporaries as not ‘cool’. This needs to change.

    Reading is the essence of education, of broadening your horizons, stretching your imagination, learning new things, opening your mind and bettering yourself.

    The digital age has thrust fancy, shiny gadgets upon the younger generation. ‘When I were a lad’ summer holidays consisted of climbing trees, making dens, and running around outside.

    These days the TV and social media generation have the wrong role models, they spend too  much time on their laptops, smartphones and tablets, watching TV and playing computer games.

    How is it seen as ‘not cool’ to read books? We should be doing all we can to encourage children to read, and to make them realise that it’s an amazing thing to do.

    Read more from Orli on the Guardian website here.#

    Join us in making reading ‘cool’ again 🙂


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